DIY Feather Headband

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Coachella is just a few days away and a summer of music festivals will follow closely behind. Before you know it will be sitting here bemoaning the fact that the year raced by and winter is looming, so get your feather headbands ready and don’t miss a moment! (If these shots from the April Free People don’t get you excited there’s something wrong.)


Here’s what you need to make your own feather headband: First, the trim- about 30” of 17/8” plain black flat woven trim or ribbon and 12” of woven band equal to or wider than the plain black trim. I used the Simplicity trim from the March Whimseybox and they have lots of other beautiful options here. You’ll also need feathers (whatever kind you like, I used what I already had), glue (I used E-6000), scissors and a vacuum because OMG feathers get everywhere!


Cut your trim to the lengths listed above, or whatever fits best on your head. The black piece should be plenty long to tie around your head when finished.



Starting at the center and working outward in sections, apply glue to the black trim and add the feathers.


I used some colored feathers in the center and glued them last. Flip the decorative trim upside down and fold the ends in 1/4” and add glue to secure them. Spread glue along the rest of the trim and then flip it over and apply it on top of the feathers.


Press down firmly to secure and let it dry! Use your scissors to trim away any feathery bits that are sticking out the bottom and to shape the top of the feathers, if you’d like.


Wear and enjoy!

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