DIY Cork Coasters

Our old coffee table had a glass top so a few months ago when our cargo cart coffee table arrived (and was rolled down the block by the delivery driver!) we needed coasters for the first time. Now, of course this is a reclaimed piece of industrial equipment full of marks and character so it’s kind of ridiculous to protect it from a Sierra Nevada, but I still think water rings are ugly!

So anyway, we needed coasters and I decided to make some out of cork and craft foam that I had on-hand. I used my Silhouette (love!) to cut the numbers of out sticky vinyl, but you could just as easily trace your numbers/letters/shapes onto contact paper and cut it out with an XACTO knife.

The hardest part was deciding what the design should say. I was about to go with Chicago Bears numbers when my husband suggested our anniversary- seriously! I used two coats of acrylic craft paint to fill in the stencil.

I purchased the cork squares, cut the black craft foam to match and glued them together with basic craft glue. It’s been months and they are holding up great to a heavy load of Diet Coke. What letters, numbers or shapes would you use?


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  2. bleonard says:

    Hi! I love the idea of the cork coasters! I would like to make some for myself but am not sure how to do so. Can you give a little more step by step instructions? Thanks!

  3. Hey Alicia,

    How are you? I hope you are well!

    I came across your page and have now been inspired to make my own coasters! I was wondering where you got your cork mats to start with?



  4. Karen Lytle says:

    Thanks for your idea! I was looking for something I could do with my Sunday School Kids for mother’s day, and use my cork tiles! With acrylic paints, clear stamps, and maybe they (or I) could write their names with a permanent marker, we could have some fun coasters for mom! Thanks again for sharing, yours look great!

    • alicia says:

      You’re so welcome! Glad someone else can enjoy this project. We’re still using these coasters and they’ve held up great over the last 3 years.

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