DIY Colorblock Necklace

The last project I made with polymer clay was the geometric pendant necklace and I was so happy to see how many people enjoyed it and tried to make their own. I don’t find too many DIYs being made with polymer clay – it’s usually crafty-crafts like floral beads and figurines that aren’t my style – so it was extra exciting to see people giving PC a try for the first time. It’s such an inexpensive and versatile craft supply!

Here’s the clay (a color I think of as Seuss blue, a faux stone that looks just like cookies & cream ,and pearl) I used along with my clay knife and $0.20 hardware store tile that I use as a work surface and for baking the clay. Condition the clay and then press it out into a flat, even pancake on the tile. Use your knife (or razor blade) to slice of the edges into the shapes for your pendant. (Chevrons would be awesome, but rectangles are simplest.)

Poke holes in each of the clay pieces. I used an eye pin, but you could also use a wood skewer, bead reamer or any other thin, pointy object. Then bake according to the clay directions – my pieces were about 1/4″ thick so they took 30 minutes at 275F.

To finish, assemble the pieces and attach to the chain. I used 6 eye pins (for the top three pieces) and 2 head pins (for the bottom pieces. I simply inserted them through the holes I’d made and used round nose pliers to make a simple loop to attach them together. If you don’t have any experience with jewelry making but you are interested I would really encourage you to begin by learning basic wire-wrapping. It’s a pretty simple technique that can be used in infinite ways. Check out the link above for some videos, or if you are near Houston check my upcoming class schedule.

And finally, here’s what the necklace looks like when you are wearing it (if you look like my dining room table).


  1. Snarky Drea says:

    YOU, my friend, are a genius.
    Where did you buy your clay? I checked out a few sites, but can’t seem to find ANY as awesome as what you’ve used here.


  2. Molly says:

    Very cool. I love the clay. I’m surprised you can buy it in the marble and the “cookies and cream.” (I agree with you on that characterization!) Love this!!

    • Alicia says:

      I’m 99% sure that it’s Turquiose. I still have some of the clay but not the wrapper but copared it to the Polyform catalog I have. It really is a beautiful color.

  3. ruthie says:

    thanks a mil, and thank you for sharing your tutorials, they are gorgeous & i love that they are a bit more contemporary looking than a lot of polymer clay jewellery.

  4. Alicia, you would be so thrilled to check out some books by polymer artists. I have taken many classes from fantastic artists and have many books. I believe you would become instantly addicted if you see that crafty crafts are not often done in the polymer world. Lindley Haunani does fabulous work with color blending. I have taken three classes from her. Patricia Kimley does wonderful overlay work. I have not done polymer in a few years due to an injury so I can’t remember some of the others I have taken classes from. They are all internationally acclaimed artists.

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