DIY Clustered Pearl Necklace

DIY Clustered Pearl Necklace (2)

The DIY projects have been MIA around here lately primarily due to the amount of time I’ve been spending on Whimseybox. But they are important to me (and my wardrobe, and my sanity!) so I’m trying to get back into habit of spending some time apart from my laptop :)

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This Modcloth necklace was featured on the Teen Vogue tumbler a few weeks ago and instantly reminded me of a project I’ve never shared here. Since it’s only $35 at Modcloth and takes a bit of time to make it might not be the perfect DIY project unless you really want to customize the look. Nonetheless, here’s the how-to!

DIY Clustered Pearl Necklace (1)

I used some curb chain, Beadalon stringing wire, an assortment of freshwater pearls, headpins, jump rings, a few crimp beads and a clasp. To create:

1. Thread a pearl onto a headpin. (Make sure you purchase headpins that are small enough to fit through the small holes drilled in each pearl.) Then complete the wire-wrap without attaching the loop to anything. Repeat this about a zillion times.
2. Cut a length of stringing wire, at least 12”. You can always cut the excess off later. Attach one side to your chain by looping it through the end link of the chain and use a crimp bead to secure.
3. Open a jump ring and thread as many wire-wrapped pearls as you can onto it- I could fit about 8. Close the jump ring and then thread it onto your stringing wire. Repeat this about a zillion times.
4. When you have enough pearls on the wire and you like the look (it takes quite a few to make it nice and bulky!) attach the stringing wire to the other side of the chain again using a crimp bead. Snip off the excess
5. Add a clasp to the to chain in the center back.

DIY Clustered Pearl Necklace (3)

This was a pretty brief set of instructions. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!


  1. pawdua says:

    Certain types of bead crochet with fine thread will also work for a similar effect without putting each pearl on it’s own head pin for those deficient in jewelry skills.

  2. Love this necklace and how you customized it. But what I love the most is how honest you were about the time it took and that it may not be a perfect DIY for everyone! That is why I follow your blog :)

  3. Divya N says:

    Cute – but def time consuming. Maybe if we bought pre wrapped pearls it would be a little more expensive but would work for most people who dont have this sort of time and patience

    • Alicia says:

      That would work, or the truly impatient could just buy the Modcloth version! This project is more of a labor of love that would make a great heirloom piece for an event like a wedding or graduation.

  4. Lesia Dent says:

    I love this necklace but am just beginning to learn about beading. I would love to make one but dont understand what you mean when you say complete the wire wrap at the beginning of the instructions. I would really appreciate more info on this part. Thanks Lesia

  5. diyaddict says:

    this is so amazing! I want to make it so bad but I can’t really understand the instructions.. Can someone that is going to be making this post pictures of the step? I really want to make it !

  6. Leigh says:

    Okay, I’m confused. On the beadalon wire, once you string the jumprings onto the wire, do you thread the wire through the chain? A few pics of the process would help alot.

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