DIY Chunky Cocktail Ring

Chunky Cocktail Ring

I’ve been in the mood for bright, bold jewelry lately. I think it’s due to editorials like this and this. Anyway, this is a simple ring that makes a big statement.

Supplies to make a chunky cocktail ring

Sometimes I’ll make my own ring base using wire and a ring mandrel but for this project I used a simple adjustable ring base. This one has ten loops for attaching the beads (sometimes they have five, it doesn’t matter too much). You can find the ring bases with the jewelry findings in Michaels, Hobby Lobby or online.

Put one bead on each headpin and start a wrapped loop. Next, finish the wrapped loops and cut off the extra. Then open a 4mm jump ring (not pictured, sorry!) and put 7 beads on it and attach it to the ring base. Using the jump ring allows you to get more beads onto the ring for a fuller look. I wound up using 8 of the 10 loops on the ring base (skipping the two loops in the center) because my ring was so full that I didn’t have room for any more.

Finished Turquoise Beaded Ring

Are you in Houston? If you don’t have experience making jewelry and want to learn to make a ring like this take a look at the class schedule or contact me. Our classes last 2-3 hours and include all tools and materials.


  1. Shannel says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if you could explain how you attached the jump ring to the ring base. Ive literally ONLY just taken up ring making, but am quietly OBSESSED with it. Hence, my question. Thank you.

  2. Sally says:

    I don’t know if you check in here at all, but like the above comment- more details, please on how many jump rings you use, how you make & attach the loops….

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