DIY Chain Hair Elastic

DIY Chain Hair Elastic (1)

I always, always have a hair elastic on my wrist. (Actually, it’s normally in my hair because I’ve been averaging 6 months between haircuts lately. I have a thousand ideas about what to make and wear and absolutely zero ideas about beauty or hair. My dream is to find someone to decide for me how to wear my hair. And maybe come over every morning and do it?)

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago someone was taking a picture of a bunch of DIY bracelets on I was wearing and asked me to move the ugly hair elastic out of the picture. And then I saw this DIY hair chain that K did on her blog Make It +Fake It.

Also last week Carly posted these Goody DoubleWear elastics – so smart!

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So, I plan on buying a bunch of those next time I’m at the store but in the meantime I decided to give K’s project a try using a 6” section of chain (from Michaels) leftover from last weeks Craft + Cocktails night. I did it slightly differently than she did- I doubled the chain (her chain was much wider than mine) and used jewelry pliers to open one of the links on each side and slip the elastic into it. I was a little worried about the chain getting snagged in my hair but so far that hasn’t been a problem. And it looks much cuter whenever it’s on my wrist! Check out the original project (and other fun DIYs!) on Make It + Fake It here.

DIY Chain Hair Elastic (2)


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