DIY Braided Chain Bracelet

While searching through some old pictures I recently came across this bracelet. I’m glad I snapped a pic when I made it last summer, because even after searching through jewelry boxes, handbags and suitcases I can’t find it! Sad :(

On the bright side, it’s a very simple DIY. To make it I used 6 lengths of chain. The length will depend on your wrist size so start with at least 8″ or 9″ and cut off the excess after you’ve made the braid. Begin by weaving the embroidery floss (use a beading or sewing needle) through each piece of chain leaving some extra at the end. My bracelet had 4 grey and 2 blue pieces. Then, in groups of two, braid them together. After you’ve measured the correct size for your wrist, tie the embroidery floss (secure with a dot of glue) and snip off the extra floss and chain. Secure at each end with an eye pin and end cap. Finally, I added a magnetic clasp and a small charm stamped with an A. I like it when my bracelets have an little charm at the clasp.


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