DIY Biz: Excelerate Week 2


Hiya! Week 2 of Excelerate Labs wrapped up with TGIF pizza and beer at 1871 on a sunny Friday afternoon. (There is never a shortage of pizza or beer at 1871!) It’s a bit of a tease, though, because there’s just as much to be done this weekend as any other day this week. Nonetheless if Excelerate Labs ended today I’d already be amazed with how much we learned. Now, to put it into action…

After 10 mentor meetings I’ve already been able to identify a few common themes. The meetings I’ve had with investors have been some of the most challenging and productive. I really appreciate their analytical approach and different perspective. As for the meetings overall, it’s interesting to me is how they are helping me clarify my own thinking about what is working and what’s challenging us. (I mean, I know that’s what they are supposed to do but I was afraid that all of the feedback would overwhelm us at first.) I know that it’s very, very early to be reflecting on the experience but so far I feel like these meetings are moving us in a direction that’s not only going to help us build a stronger business but also one that’s a better and closer answer to the problems that led me to start Whimseybox originally. Some things will always stay the same – we’re still determined to make Whimseybox into the easiest and most awesome, modern craft business there ever was – but we will be tweaking some of the ways we go about it. Next week I’ll break down some the specific changes we’re about to undertake! In the meantime, have you checked out the new Whimseybox homepage?

(All pics via my Instagram (or Statigram)- @aliciadirago)


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