DIY Biz: Excelerate Week 1


One week down already! This week was really all about getting settled in and learning about how our summer at Excelerate Labs will go. We also got to meet the rest of the teams and check out what they’re doing-

  • 71lbs – Helps companies save money shipping
  • Cureeo – Etsy for fine art
  • Fibroblast – Makes scheduling doctor’s appointment easy
  • Frintit – Prints and mails your photos to you for free
  • Good Karma – Netflix for baby clothes
  • Lasso – An app to help you round up your friends
  • Orbeus – Can identify and tag people and objects in videos!
  • Pictarine – Unites your photos from every service/site
  • SpotHero – Find and reserve parking online
  • Whimseybox – Us :)

I’m trying to take an Instagram a day while we’re here and hopefully at the end can turn it into a fun book or something else to remember the experience. If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram @aliciadirago (and Patrick is @pn) or check my statigram page


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