DIY Biz: Craft Is Love

The backstory to this video is that last Thursday Alyssa was shooting a ton of new photos for all sorts of stuff on Whimseybox. Photo shoots are one of my favorite things – I’m obsessed with great DIY and craft stuff so spending the day creating beautiful, inspiring pictures is no hardship for me.  And Alyssa takes pictures that are so SO much better than what I can do that I can’t help but watch her monitor and ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ the whole time.

(You know, we’re not Vogue, but a big window and some foam core goes a long way…)

This led to many jokes about craft porn, for which I’ll blame Rachel even though it’s not all her fault. I don’t think she’ll mind Winking smile And then we talked about what the music for a craft porn would be, and quickly settled on ‘Careless Whispers’ but instead of the sax version it should be ukulele, obvs. Because the internet is awesome, there is a ukulele version so I downloaded it and put this together just for fun…


  1. Hannah Alyse says:

    This video looks and sounds exactly as I would expect a craft porn to look and sound. Mission: Accomplished! I love the behind the scenes to perfectly arranged pictures! This may sound weird but since Instagram, when I craft (Okay, do anything) I naturally arrange things in a prettier fashion. As opposed to before all this madness when I would just throw everything around screaming PRETTY ALL THE THINGS! I think this is a good thing :)

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