DIY Biz: A New Season

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This week I was back up in Chicago- I had a 7am flight there on Monday morning and a 7am flight back on Friday. One I made, one I did not :) For some reason while booking flights on Southwest I will always, always buy the cheapest direct flight. Anyway, on Thursday afternoon I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with some super smart and creative people for lunch. Afterwards it was such a nice day that I decided to walk the 2 miles back to the office and snapped the pic above on the way.

2012-10-03 16.51.45

The main reason for the trip was to share our Demo Day pitch at the Chicago YPO Shark Tank event alongside 6 other Excelerate Labs companies. (No affiliation with the Shark Tank tv show!) It was a pretty fancy event.


When I got home on Friday I found the 2013 calendar I ordered had arrived. Last year I discovered the 2012 version of this calendar 2012: A Year of Productivity (yes, it was!) on and this year I ordered 2013: Seize the Year directly from NeuYear. Because yeah, it’s time to start looking at 2013. The leaves are turning, the Bears are playing and things are shifting. Whimseybox is on the moving into the the next phase and it’s the biggest & most exciting so far.

I like thinking about things in phases like this. It helps me mentally separate where we were from where we’re going, and that helps me tons when I’m making decisions. Post-Excelerate is a new phase, one that’s about building a killer team and putting plans into action. It’s a little scary, because in some ways it feels like there’s a little less DIY in this DIY biz because I can’t do everything myself anymore. On the other hand, it is an awesome feeling to know that the smart, talented, creative people around me can do 10x as good of a job as I can in half the time. That’s exciting!

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamt that I was in a place that reminded me of a sorority house where everyone had to have dinner together at night and eat whatever was served. But for some reason I had an excuse and couldn’t make it at the dinner time, so I would come a little later and there would be a room with all of the most amazing food you could imagine. It was like a restaurant had cooked everything on it’s menu and laid it all out for me. (Plus like 30 desserts!) And I could just go around and eat it all. I tasted parts of all different dishes until I was full and then grabbed some chocolate mouse cake and a brownie to go. And I wondered, why do I have it so good? Why doesn’t everyone else ditch that boring, prescribed meal and join this feast?

Finally, two other pieces of Whimseybox news:

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