DIY Beaded Leather Necklace

I love making long necklaces that I can also wear as wrap bracelets. This is a super simple project I made a few months ago and wear all of the time. Total investment: about $5 and 15 minutes. I think I might make a few more in different colors.

I used about 36″ of deerskin lace- you can find it by the leather crafting supplies. Deerskin lace is thin, soft and flexible. Or, you could easily make this necklace using ribbon. You’ll also need some beads, a clasp and some wire.

The process is simple- string the beads onto the leather. I used a 4″ piece of wire folded in half like a needle to pull the lace through the beads. (It’s a little tough.) Choose your beads carefully so that they have a snug fit on the lace that keeps them spaced out. To finish, thread the clasp onto the lace, fold over and wrap tightly with wire.

Wear it as a bracelet, long or doubled. Happy Friday!


  1. Kelly says:

    ok. honestly. you have the best jewelry DIYs EVER. i want every piece. in fact i already have these exact beads and some leather, so i know what i’ll be doing this weekend!

    • Alicia says:

      Thanks Kelly, you are so sweet! It’s perfect that you have those beads – I really like them. They have a nice weight and I like the way they feel. Did you buy them at Hobby Lobby? I can’t remember where I bought them!

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