DIY: A Tom Ford Inspired Pendant

I only recently subscribed to Harper’s Bazaar. I don’t know why it was never on the top my list of regular magazines reads before, I really love it. Like many other magazines, I cannot get through it without ripping out half of the pages to make, buy or save and admire the items pictured inside. A few weeks ago when my January 2011 issue arrived I immediately loved these Tom Ford pendant necklaces.

Since I was already at The Houston Arboretum picking up geodes for my geode cocktail ring project (and looking for pyrite, which I haven’t located yet) I also grabbed a crystal for this necklace. (I use ‘crystal’ very loosely, I have no idea what I actually bought.)

Again I put the polymer clay and gold paint to use to sculpt the cap used to secure the crystal to the chain. First I pressed the crystal into a ball of clay and then I used my clay knife (or razor blade) to cut away the top and slide around the sides. Before baking it in the oven I pierced the center of the cap to make a hole for the eyepin. After baking I slipped an eye pin in the hole and curled the end of it flat inside the cap and secured it to the crystal using some E-6000 jewelry epoxy.


Finally, I made the chain out of some gold-plated eye pins that I had on-hand for jewelry making. ┬áThis is super simple- use a pair of round-nosed pliers to create a simple loop on the straight end of each eye pin and then connect them. My eye pins are 24 gauge because that’s what I had on-hand, but if I were to make this necklace again I would use at least 22 gauge or larger to make the necklace stronger. Mine is pretty delicate. The eye pin chain really gives the necklace a similar feel to the Tom Ford inspiration, but I might switch mine out to a simple gold curb chain sometime in the future

I didn’t do a strict accounting of what this cost because I had nearly all the materials already, but I’d estimate the total cost to easily be less than $10.

If you give this a try be sure to let me know. I’d love to see your results!


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