DIY 100 Bead Necklace

Today I was reading on Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly about the new (and first!) BHLDN store opening right here in Houston tomorrow. She shared some pictures of the space and one necklace in the front window jumped out at me.

The pearl necklace – the 100 Pearls Necklace– reminded me a lot of a piece I made about two years ago and hadn’t ever posted here. Mine is made from brass chain and peridot. (BTW, their styling is gorgeous as usual, right?)

The BHLDN version retails for $172… which is a lot. The material cost for me was probably between $5-$10 dollars but it does take a while to wire-wrap each little bead onto the chain. It’s a great project to practice your wire-wrapping skills, though and can easily be done while watching Big Brother PBS. Instead of putting all 100 beads in a row I put 60 in the center and then left a little space before doing a group of 11 and then a group of 4 on each side.

It’s a great delicate necklace that is perfect for a wedding. If you’d like help designing and making a custom piece for jewelry your wedding or bridal party get in touch. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to DIY with friends!


  1. Divya N says:

    These beads remind me of the loreal or tiny seed beads that are pre wrapped that is available in local Indian markets…though they can be joined to a chain only with jump rings…maybe I can string them through a very thin chain to get this effect…will try sometime

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