Diamond Inspiration


Hey, look what’s not new around here- me still being obsessed with everything geometric. Lately it’s all about the diamond shape. And yeah, there’s a DIY in the works. Cross your fingers that it gets done before the packing begins later this week. (OMG, less than a week left in Houston!)

A bunch of fun projects coming up this week here + on Whimseybox. I’m suddenly super inspired and cranking out stuff left and right. Hooray! Also, all of the work I did this weekend was accompanied by a marathon of Damages, which I finally got around to starting on Netflix. I was carrying the iPad upstairs to fold laundry, to the kitchen counter to work, to the living room to craft. Can. Not. Stop.

1st Row: Light, pendant
2nd Row: Envelope, planter
3rd Row: Earrings, print

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