Around WhimseyboxHQ it’s well established that I am obsessed with diamonds. Not like the diamonds on playing cards, but the 3d style. Every time Alyssa is designing something I suggest some sort of diamond motif. (…and this is precisely why I’m *not* the designer.)


Today I learned that diamond lightbulbs area real thing. Then I placed an order for 1,000. JK, we have lousy fluorescent lights (when we can’t rely on the skylights) but in our next office there are going to be diamond lightbulbs for sure. Maybe in the meantime we can put up this diamond print though?


Sad news- Chrome crashed while I was writing this (yeah, it’s one of those days) and I lost the link to this print. If you know whose it is, please leave a comment and I’ll add the correct credit! Here it is!


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