Croissants Take 1kg of Butter! And The Week That Was – January 14, 2010

I love Kelly The Glamorai’s uptown chic look.
– You’ll know I studied engineering and not fashion when I say I just discovered Babe Paley this week.
The Jil Sander look on the cover of the February Elle is gorgeous.

– According to Anthology, Alyson Fox’s patterns are being made into wallpaper and fabric. I’d love to make some throw pillows out of them!
– Modern carpet-square purveyors FLOR have a blog. And it’s pretty good! Good enough that I’m not totally annoyed that I haven’t found some secret sale code through it yet, even though that’s why I subscribed. My dining room table sits directly on the floor, waiting impatiently for that day to come.
There is a store on the internet devoted to stripes!

DIY giftwrap tutorials by Hello Sandwich featured on Pugly Pixel.
– A grey and orange tote to match my grey and orange house. (Really- the outside!)
Using snow to dye fabric – so clever!

– I love all ‘how it’s made’ videos. This week: croissants! (Whoa, butter! Also, the ‘recycling’ part made me laugh. But who chose the soundtrack?)
– Uh, I’m cheating a little bit. I still think there was a lot of awesome this week, but I’m under the gun and I can’t remember all of it. So….. did you try making these woven chain bracelets yet?
– And finally, a heartwarming story to send you off into the weekend. Enjoy!


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