Cool New Find–Mosiac Photobooks

Mosaic (1)

I just learned about a new service called Mosaic that allows you to create a book of photos right from your iPhone. Patrick (our CTO at Whimseybox) got his first one yesterday and brought it over this morning. It’s really awesome and he got it just 4 days after he ordered. Their site is gorgeous, check it out.

Mosaic (2)

The packaging is stellar.

Mosaic (3)

The front cover is die cut so you can see a preview of each of your photos.

Mosaic (4)

He says you can choose from white or black paper. The pictures look great. I’m still amazed we can take these kind of pictures with our cell phones!

Mosaic (5)

Mosaic (6)

Just $20 – pretty good, right? Would make a great holiday gift, or a good way to remember your holiday celebrations. But I’m going to have to get my husband to do it, because there’s no love for Android users yet :/

Mosaic (7)

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