Colorful Accents- Throw Pillows

I oscillate between wanting to keep my house minimalist and neutral and wanting to live inside the Anthropologie catalog. Right now everything is neutral and paired down, but when I saw these Sister Batik pillow covers on the Etsy blog I had to order them. (Hey, Sister Batik has a blog too!)

I’d been thinking of DIYing some throw pillows for the couch but hadn’t found the perfect fabrics. And these are the PERFECT fabrics. I ordered six, but now I think nine would be perfect for our large sectional…

But first I’m off to buy some new pillow forms for these. The covers are 20″ square, but I’m on the lookout for at least 22″ pillows to make sure they’re extra fluffy. Floppy pillows make me sad.

Here’s a trick I learned from my mom- when you’re trying to cram your oversized pillow into the case, first put the pillow in a drycleaner bag. The plastic helps it will slide into the case easily (and evenly) and then you can remove the plastic before zipping it closed.

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