Cocoon Coats And The Week That Was – December 10, 2010

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This cocoon coat pictured on Looks Good To Me is almost as cute as her illustrations. Do you think something like that would be hard to make?  $565 is a little steep, especially since it’s 71 degrees outside here.

– Refinery 29 had an awesome roundup of evening bags.

– I’d wear a dress just like this white one by Ulla Johnson every day if it made sense. And a had a billion dollars to spend on drycleaning.


Typography wallpaper.

– Can a person ever have too many blankets? I’m like Linus in my house – always carrying one around. Even when the A/C is on. Actually, especially when the A/C is on.

– We just bought a new bed, but I can’t help drooling over this one.


– For the first time in my life I actually need coasters and I’m working on making some. Here’s a good resource.

Who can wear a turban and be taken seriously? If I could I’d be learning to make one.

Monogram stationary DIY from design*sponge would make a great holiday gift.


Two things beer-related. ‘The Case of the IPA’ – a case of beer where each of the bottles has one chapter of a detective novel printed on the label- so clever. And second, are you watching the show Brew Masters on TLC? I was already a huge fan of Dogfish Head and Sam Calagione (like, I have his book) but the show is entertaining and educational. Plus, I love to see how things are made. Home brewing is on my list of things to do in 2011.

QWOP. Either you know what I’m talking about or you don’t. Do not click that link if you are busy because that game is somehow simultaneously ridiculous, impossible and addicting.

– A two-person rocking chair! It’s like a hammock for inside.


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