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Mountain Inspiration


Now that I can see the Flatirons from where I sit (well, at least until the trees fill in!) the obvious choice is some mountains inspiration. And you see that black mountains shirt in the bottom row? After I blogged about Ugmonk a while back unbeknownst to me my husband ordered a few shirts, including that one. He loves it.

1st Column: Mountain, shower curtain, mountain
2nd Column: Mountain biking (ha!), quote, shirt, shirt
3rd Column: Map mountains, scarf

Diamond Inspiration


Hey, look what’s not new around here- me still being obsessed with everything geometric. Lately it’s all about the diamond shape. And yeah, there’s a DIY in the works. Cross your fingers that it gets done before the packing begins later this week. (OMG, less than a week left in Houston!)

A bunch of fun projects coming up this week here + on Whimseybox. I’m suddenly super inspired and cranking out stuff left and right. Hooray! Also, all of the work I did this weekend was accompanied by a marathon of Damages, which I finally got around to starting on Netflix. I was carrying the iPad upstairs to fold laundry, to the kitchen counter to work, to the living room to craft. Can. Not. Stop.

1st Row: Light, pendant
2nd Row: Envelope, planter
3rd Row: Earrings, print

Zip Tie Inspiration

zip tie inspiration

Dude, people are doing some pretty amazing things with zip ties. This is exactly the kind of stuff that inspires me, and there’s a fresh pack of neon zip ties with my name on it. Look out…

I <3 Mark Cuban.
Pinata cake! Spotted on Handmade Charlotte and filed under WTF Didn’t I Think Of This.

1st Column: Bear, model, ring, cactus
2nd Column: Couple, chair, light, wall
3rd Column: Chair, art, light

Adventure Inspiration


I’m ready for an adventure. Despite the travel and the fact that I love my job, things have settled into a bit of a routine lately. It goes like this, basically: work, work, work, work, pass out. Repeat. Longing for foreign streets and strange foods and illegible signs and even the tired feet and questionable smells. It’s time to shake, shake, SHAKE things up around here. Is it just me, or is this standard February feelings?  Any big trips coming up on your calendar?

1st Column: Stamped, car, bag
2nd Column: Patch, words, ring
3rd Column: Cape, luggage tag, tattoo