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Floating Inspiraton


Tonight I went a floating in a sensory deprivation tank. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and yesterday I ran across a place right here in Boulder (of course!) that does it. So I booked an appointment and tonight I went and floated for an hour at Cloud Nine Float Center. (Which, btw, I totally recommend. They were super nice and explained everything really well.)  It was super weird at first, but as promised wound up being totally relaxing. Really kind of amazing, I can’t wait to go back.

1st Column: eyes, tattoo, wet
2nd Column: feather, quote, stairs
3rd Column: space, room, art


Aerial Inspiration


Hey hey, took a little break there but I’m back. Things that have been going on:

– Boulder: perfect city is perfect.
– Aerial fabric: Alyssa (Whismeybox design extraordinaire) and I are taking an aerial fabric class and are obsessed. If taking over the craft world doesn’t work out, we can literally run away and join the circus!
– Biking: everyone, all the time

How was your weekend?

Circus Circus- named for the coolest place we always wanted to go as kids. It was a Chuck E Cheese type place we looooooooved. Some Googleing resulted in falling down this rabbit hole where someone has commemorated the old strip mall it was in with a really long, detailed post. Why!? I suppose for he same reason that I read every word of it.

Glass Inspiration


It is snowing today, AGAIN. Argh. On the bright side, it was beautiful this weekend. Come on spring, stay a while! In other news, I think we should be moving Whimseybox into an office this week. You have no idea what a relief this will be. Sorting everyone out of the moving boxes finally, having room to work on projects and having some separation between home and work. Cross your fingers!

1st Column: Skylights, bracelet
2nd Column: Glass, sculpture, straws
3rd Column: Wall, fireplace


Woven Inspiration


I’m working on a woven DIY, so I have it on the brain. How was your weekend? Mine went way too quickly, but was a much-needed respite from the week. I got my hair chopped (like 4 inches!), hiked up Green Mountain (love having this stuff in the neighborhood!) and caught up with our families. There’s still a huge backlog of work, but I feel more rested and ready for the week. Bring it on, Monday!

1st Column: Colorful, shoes, heart
2nd Column: Basket, texture, loom
3rd Column: Cowl, chair, basket

PS – So many ugly prom dresses on Pinterest when I was looking for some of the images above. Ugh, 16 – 18 year olds, DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP.

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Semi-circle Inspiration


Officially obsessed with this shape, what about you?  Kate Spade does it again.

Also obsessed with sunshine (always) and really hoping it comes out today, because the SNOW yesterday- in April!- was totally unwelcome. Man, a few years in Houston totally turned this Chicago x Minnesota girl into a wuss. Hope spring is springing wherever you are!

1st Column: Art, necklace, necklace
2nd Column: Purse, garland, tape
3rd Column: Mugs, purse, pillow