by Alicia on May 24, 2014

I’m super addicted to the sweet tang of grapefruit this year. I’ve always liked it but lately I’m like GRAPEFRUIT ALL THE THING! No joke, I even switched to a grapefruit body wash. Yummmm. And yeah, I know that pineapples are totally the in fruit (food?) of the moment, but I think everyone’s getting it […]


Makeathon Night!

by Alicia on April 22, 2014

Tonight we’re having a Makeathon at Whimseybox. It’s our version of the popular idea of a startup hackathon, where developers get together and build a new solution for something. It’s an opportunity to pick a project that you maybe would never otherwise work on and try to make something awesome. Since we’re not all programmers, […]

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Popsicle Inspiration

by Alicia on June 24, 2013

It’s totally the summer of the popsicle, isn’t it? Put ‘popsicle’ in the search box and Pinterest explodes in a sugar rush. They’re simple to make, ultra photogenic and endlessly customizable – the Pinterest trifecta. I haven’t actually made any popsicles yet, I’m more of a coffee ice cream kind of girl on these hot […]


Camp Inspiration

by Alicia on June 17, 2013

Camp is everywhere right now! Merit badges, smores, tents, waxed canvas + glorious heritage Americana goods. I love it all. Also, I recently met the founder of a cool ‘glamping’ site called Grass Haven that sells all of the best supplies for a posh outsdoor getaway. I’ve never done camping in such high style but […]


Pink Inspiration

by Alicia on June 10, 2013

I’m working on a super pink DIY for the Whimseybox office at the moment so I have the color on the brain. It’s going to be a giant Fatboy-style beanbag chair. We hung out on the ones at 1871 a lot last summer (proof here!) so I thought we should have one of our own […]