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The Color Run

Color Run (2)

Last weekend we ran the The Color Run. Well, he ran, I sort of ran/walked because I seriously do not understand running. Every moment I am running I’m thinking ‘why I am I running? Can I stop running now?’

Color Run (5)

But if anything could make me think running is a good idea, it was this 5k. Everyone was super high energy and there were SO MANY PEOPLE there. We were like, ‘wow, is this what other people do on Sunday mornings while we’re sleeping in and getting ready for the Bears game?’

Color Run (4)

Look at all the people! The Color Run also managed to find the biggest elevation change in otherwise flat Houston, but I’ll forgive them.

Color Run (3)

After getting pelted with color every kilometer at the end we got to throw a bag of color up in a big crowd. Pretty!

Color Run (6)

The pace car was this new Chevy Spark, which I got to check out at a dinner held a few days earlier. I thought it was 2 seater at first, but there’s actually 4 doors and a pretty big backseat. And this one is colorful inside, too. Now I’m thinking about how to DIY my car. (In high school I put glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof of my Chevy Cavalier!) The dinner was a fun chance to meet some designers from Chevy and people from The Color Run while enjoying some colorful food at Latin Bites. In particular the first course that had tuna served atop some tropical shaved ice something or other was cramazing and I’m going to go back and order 100 more.

No one paid me for this post, I just think you should go check out The Color Run!

Upcoming Houston Startup Events

I interrupt your regularly scheduled stylish and crafty content to let you know about a couple of things coming up that you should check out if you’re in Houston.


Something that I don’t mention very frequently on here is that I’m a member of the Junior League of Houston. It’s a fantastic organization and one for which I am proud to volunteer. Every year the League contributes over $2 million dollars (!!!) in volunteer time and direct financial support to the community. One way we support our efforts is through our cookbooks and this one, Peace Meals, is my favorite. So if you’re looking for a holiday gift this season, consider a cookbook. And if you buy one, there’s a significant likelihood that I’ll be the one wrapping and shipping your order Smile

And here are some upcoming Houston startup events you should check out:

SURGE Accelerator Applications OpenHouston’s own energy-focused business accelerator SURGE is currently accepting applications for their spring class. I had an amazing, amazing experience doing an accelerator program (Excelerate Labs) this summer and have also had an opportunity to meet some of the founders of SURGE. Even curious? Take the first step and apply!

Wednesday 11/7 Houston Startup Demo Day – Come out and hear some great Houston startups pitch at START.

Friday 11/9 – Sunday 11/11 Startup Weekend Houston – I’m going to be there as a mentor + judge and cannot wait to see what people are dreaming and coding up all weekend. Register here and use code FRIEND-20 to save $20! Hope to see you there.

Photography by Alyssa Wible

Bayou City Art Festival


Once in a while I do get out of the house and away from the computer. On Saturday I braved (ahem, mid-October) heat and humidity to go checkout the bi-annual Bayou City Art Festival. The image above is the work of the featured artist Charlie Hardwick. But one of my favorites was the work of Heinrich Toh who combines different printmaking and photo techniques in his work which explores identity across time and travel. Find more of his work here. He also has a workshop coming up in Kansas City, so if you find yourself there in November go check it for me!  bayou_city_art_festival_toh1

Whimseybox Is Hiring!


Whimseybox is hiring! We’re looking for some creative, adventurous and hard-working people to join our team of crafters and makers. This will be a cra-mazing opportunity for anyone who likes to move fast, try new things, learn on the job and work closely with a tight-knit team.

  • FALL INTERNS We are looking for fall interns in marketing, writing/editing, graphic design and creative (crafting!). Are you great at photography, SEO, social media campaigns, copywriting, Photoshop, videography, crafting or blogging? Get in touch! Internship positions are unpaid but college credit may be available. You must be in Houston and be available to work with us (inside the loop) two to three days/week for 3 months.
  • Partnerships + Business Development We’re looking for someone with craft industry and/or awesome business development experience to help us grow our partnership program.
  • Operations + Logistics Do you know the bet way to source, handle, organize, ship and track all the materials an e-commerce business needs? We want your help!

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter along with links to any online portfolios (show us your creativity!) to