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Loving: Camp Brand

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I suppose technically the word camp should make me think of summer, but for some reason the bonfires and woods and sweatshirts on the Camp Brand site just feel like fall to me. Cozy, to be worn whilst sipping spiced cider and wearing wool socks. Super bummed that the Happy Camper shirt is currently sold out!

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And, check out the DIY Southwestern Motif Stamped Card project we did at Whimseybox. The design was inspired by the motif inside buffalo on the shirts in the top row. I’m about to run around stamping everything with it now because I’m obsessed.

April, May…


No, I’m not bemoaning the winter *yet*. (I mean, I live in Houston. It’s still 90+ here.) No doubt I will soon though, because I hate the short, dark days. A closet full of french label april, may would sure cheer me up, though. (via and via)

New Kicks

I beat the life out of these Toms this summer and was way overdue for some new shoes. What I really need is a pair of black flats that don’t have a hole in the heel like mine, but instead I bought these:


They’re from ASOS and I think they are awesome but I have no idea what to wear them with. Help?


And then on Saturday I bought these. We stopped at DSW to return a pair of shoes for my husband. (He bought them while I was away, I veto’d them when I got home, heh.) But of course I had to take a spin around the clearance section and see if there was anything good with a 50% or 70% off sticker.


And yeah, we found some new shoes for him too.