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The Joinery


Along with any move comes the desire to decorate. We only plan to be in this house for the next 18 months, so it’s not a good time to go crazy, but still I can’t help myself. I’ll take one of everything at Joinery, like this large woven rug (just $160, but out of stock) and this dressing ladder (also just $160).


And don’t forget the clothes. The perfect poncho for a chilly Boulder evening? On sale, but still $255. Love this blue dress too, especially the hem (blue dresses forever!) but it’s also over $200 on sale.

Zara Leather Love


For all of the years I lived in Chicago, there was no Zara. (There is now, of course.) So it wasn’t until we moved to Houston 3 years ago that I discovered Zara and, in particular, their amazing winter coats. Seriously, they have the best coats and I live in a city where you never really even need sleeves much less a wool coat. Argh.

Above: Coat, Tote