Who Are The Best DIYers on YouTube?

by Alicia on June 28, 2014

It’s definitely not us, but Ali and I are back with this week’s installment of awesome DIY projects and some ridiculousness. If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if there was a World Cup of Craft (c’mon, who hasn’t?!?) then you won’t want to miss the end of this one. Full show notes […]


This Week on #DIY5

by Alicia on June 24, 2014

The latest #DIY5, in which I get totally goofed up! Ah well, what you see is what you get Find the full show notes including links to all the awesome projects here!


DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

by Alicia on June 8, 2014

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Is it getting hot where you are? You might want to try trading in your blowdryer for a DIY sea salt spray this summer. You can find the full tutorial (plus the story about how this project was inspired by a trip to a sensory deprivation tank!) on Whimseybox. […]


The Whimseybox DIY + Craft Trend Report

by Alicia on June 6, 2014

The Whimseybox DIY + Craft Trend Report – Summer 2014 from Whimseybox Today we published the first Whimseybox DIY and Craft Trend Report. It’s a piece we’re excited to share and build upon in the coming quarters and years. We feel like we’ve got front row seats to the incredible diy/maker movement and have been looking for a way […]


Weekly DIY Inspiration

by Alicia on May 31, 2014

Some awesome DIY ideas straight out of this week’s episode of #DIY5! You’re also going to want to watch to understand what the heck is going on in this picture- poor #radishdirago! DIY5 – Episode 16 from Whimseybox on Vimeo. Projects at top from top left: plant marker, art, necklace, dishes, pineapples.