Crafting A Business

My Weekend In Greece!

by Alicia on April 1, 2014

Kalimera! I’m back from Greece and surprisingly awake for the day after a trip. It was such an awesome experience and I wish I could have stayed longer, but here’s a short (cell phone) photo recap – We (three other speakers from abroad and I) stayed at the Fresh Hotel in Athens. It was perfectly […]


Last week I talked a little bit about the journey to creating Whimseybox Influencer and now I want to show off how it works inside. We’ve gotten a great response so far (thank you!) and are adding new bloggers every day. It’s really exciting to see people putting this to work for them and getting their […]


World of Crafters Conference

by Alicia on March 20, 2014

  Sooooooo a week from now I’ll be on a plane heading to Athens, Greece to speak at the World of Crafters convention. How exciting is that? I’ve never been to Greece but I’ve been talking with Elena from Greek craft site Ftiaxto for a year. I can’t wait to go meet some new creative […]


I spend a lot of time thinking about where the craft industry is going and why I have an irrational amount of frustration, maybe even anger, at what it’s like today. Sometime in high school or college I realized that my love for crafting became uncool. While I didn’t really care either way, I still […]


We’ve started a weekly web show at Whimseybox where Ali and I highlight 5 of our favorite DIY projects from the week, talk about what’s going on at the Whimseybox offices and then chat about other silly stuff. Each episode is 5 – 10 minutes long and we hope it inspires you to get crafty, […]