Into The Woods

by Alicia on July 12, 2014

            Highlights from the Whimseybox 4th of July camping trip: Seeing moose grazing behind our campsite each morning. Rediscovering how awesome it is to relax in a hammock. Patrick brought one and we all went home saying we needed to get one ASAP. His was a Kammok but if you’re in the market I […]


This Week on #DIY5

by Alicia on July 7, 2014

#DIY5 Episode 21 from Whimseybox on Vimeo. #DIY5 is old enough to drink! It’s our 21st episode and shockingly TLC hasn’t given us our own show yet. I mean, did they miss our flopping last week or what? Anyway, this week we talk about some awesome DIY projects, ponder the creepy Facebook mood manipulation study and […]


Good Stuff, Lately

by Alicia on June 27, 2014

A few things I enjoyed this week: Had some great laughs filming #DIY5 this week. We don’t post it on Whimseybox until tomorrow morning, but it’s here already if you’re interested. The end is the best part. Target has gold flatware. I repeat, Target has gold flatware. Embarrassing confession: I watch Big Brother. It’s a […]


Today I’m at Alt Summit! In addition to hearing Martha Stewart and all of the other awesome presenters, I’m looking forward to my talk which is A Second Look at Affiliate Marketing. Now, while it might not SOUND like the most exciting topic on the Alt Summit schedule I promise it’s worth your time to check it out, especially […]


… is #DIY5, duh! Here’s the latest episode lovingly uploaded by Alyssa on Saturday night after a multi-day battle with iMovie and Vimeo. And yes, I am holding up a can of Diet Coke. Some things never change Find the full show notes here. PS – We’ve got party decorations + supplies on sale this […]