1000 Attaboys

by Alicia on April 23, 2014

It takes 1,000 ‘Atta boys’ to overcome one ‘You’re worthless and no good.’¬†- Dr. Phil Why yes I did just kick this off with a Dr. Phil quote. Why not? I actually used to watch a lot of Dr. Phil when we lived in Chicago 5+ years ago. Then we moved to Houston and he […]


Makeathon Night!

by Alicia on April 22, 2014

Tonight we’re having a Makeathon at Whimseybox. It’s our version of the popular idea of a startup hackathon, where developers get together and build a new solution for something. It’s an opportunity to pick a project that you maybe would never otherwise work on and try to make something awesome. Since we’re not all programmers, […]

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We’re been having a lot of fun at Whimseybox lately¬†building our Influencer referral program for DIY+craft bloggers. I’ve talked about it quite a bit here and for me it’s kind of personal because what we’re building now is exactly the kind of tools and program that I’ve wanted to exist since I started this blog. […]


As the April Whimseyboxes head out the door (whew and hooray!) I thought it might be interesting to talk about craft kits. Our April box was the 29th since we started, and in the last 2+ years we’ve learned a lot about creating craft kits. We’ve seen other companies come and go and come and […]


My Weekend In Greece!

by Alicia on April 1, 2014

Kalimera! I’m back from Greece and surprisingly awake for the day after a trip. It was such an awesome experience and I wish I could have stayed longer, but here’s a short (cell phone) photo recap – We (three other speakers from abroad and I) stayed at the Fresh Hotel in Athens. It was perfectly […]