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2012-06-18 07.30.17

Last weekend my husband came up to Chicago from Houston to visit and brought all of the mail and packages that had been piling up at home over the past three weeks. Along with a cute black and white striped scarf (a score that unfortunately took about 4 weeks to arrive), a backordered pair of sandals from Madewell (worth the wait) and the latest O Magazine (don’t judge!) came this book, Blogging for Creatives. Robin interviewed me almost a year ago, but here it is in print!

2012-06-18 07.31.26

I couldn’t even remember what my ‘expert tip’ was, but I’m pleased with it. Getting out from behind my laptop has made all the difference for me and led to directly to what I’m working on now at Whimseybox. So hooray for that. Unfortunately the screen shot of the site is from the old design, but I’m probably the only one who notices/cares!

You can find Blogging for Creatives at Amazon. (The cover looks a little different- I have the UK version.) It’s packed with great tips on how to start and grow a blog, plus there are tons of great sites to check out for inspiration.

Ilex Press sent me a copy of this book. They didn’t ask me to write about it. The more you know!


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