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Why didn’t anyone tell me about the ASOS Africa collection earlier?!? There are a few pieces left in assorted sizes, but not as much as I’d like. Maybe it’s old news? My blog reading time has taken a serious hit since starting Excelerate… Let’s make a deal- next time you see anything like this, tweet at me immediately.

As expected, living out of two suitcases for the summer was great for the first two weeks. Now I’m tired of the clothes I brought but haven’t been shopping. Semi-related question: does anyone actually wear those cropped tops? If so, where? I can picture them at a summer street festival (not on me personally, though!) but aren’t you guys stuck inside freezing air conditioned buildings all day like me? It’s 80 and sunshine-y outside my window yet I have to keep a pair of SmartWool socks in my desk drawer. I haven’t even worn a dress or skirt in weeks because I know I’ll freeze to death!

Fullscreen capture 6122012 85938 AM

Also, these boots! Love them all, but hate the >$500 price :(

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