85 and Sunny and The Week That Was–May 18, 2012

stylishpaco rabanne

- This collection is to die for.
- The shape of this neutral polka dot dress is just about perfect. The price is less satisfactory.
- Awesome camera straps.
- These sandals, please.

craftyFullscreen capture 5192012 31231 PM

-GAP is running a series of DIY projects using old tshirts on their Facebook page and the first two have been really cute.
- Lots of leather belt projects popping up recently.
- Refresh an old shirt with some lace.
- Speaking of lace, this digital take is inspiring.
- Always love a felt project!

coolFullscreen capture 5192012 40120 PM

- I can look at office supplies all day!
- How many of these ‘happy people’ characteristics describe you? I’m a bit of a Pollyanna so I fell on the ‘right’ side of many of the choices, but certainly not all. (Ahem, meaning vs. ambition and abundance vs. lack.)


- Uh, I don’t know! Less than a week left here before I head up to Chicago for the summer so I’m inside working and packing… It’s been beautiful weather all month here, I hope Chicago is close to this nice!

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