31 and The Week That Was – July 29, 2011

This week I turned 31! I have a few close friends that share my birthday so I pulled out some old photos from my 21st birthday 10 years ago and posted one on Facebook. Ten years… it feels both like an instant and an eternity. I want to tell that 21 year old to relax a little and to trust herself, but I can’t. I guess I’ll tell the 31 year old instead.

BHLDN held a fall preview event in NYC and it was amazing, of course. By some stroke of madness they decided to open their first store in Houston (!) and it’s scheduled to open 8/18 as confirmed by City of Dionne. Can’t wait!

– Love the idea of graphic status updates + hope this catches on.

– Love this shot, and even better it’s captioned ‘In the Hall with the Candlestick: Miss Scarlett‘ A good friend of mine in Chicago throws an epic Halloween bash every year and this past fall a large group of my friends went as characters from Clue. Genius, right? I was sorry to miss it. Someday I’ll steal their idea and try to dress just like this.

– I’ve loved reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project for a long time, but this week her posts about creating and making things by hand really hit the mark. “How do you give yourself a happiness boost? I create.”

– Morocco was already on my list of places to visit (No! Not because of Real Housewives of New York went there…. I’ve wanted to go ever since America’s Next Top Model went :) So?) but if it hadn’t been, these pics from the FLOR blog would have easily convinced me. Stunning.

– Love Refinery29’s slideshow (ugh) of home decor sites to bookmark. They listed 15 sites and I was already reading 13 of them. This just proves I have a exceptionally good taste :) … and an RSS addiction.

Threadless has started making little notebooks. This could be dangerously addictive.

– Have you ever wondered who makes the astronauts space suits? I never had until this week. They sew with 1/64″ tolerance which is crazytown.

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