12 Wardrobe Basics in 12 Months



It’s the time of year to think about resolutions, set goals and make plans. I’m so excited about starting a new year! One of the things I’m most looking forward to in 2011 is challenging myself to make 12 wardrobe basics in 12 months. The idea behind each project is to make something I can wear/use and learn some new techniques along the way.

Here’s what I’ve lined up:

1. Cocktail Dress
2. Day Dress
3. Pants
4. Skirt
5. Shirt
6. Jacket or Vest
7. Wallet
8. Handbag
9. Tote
10. Belt
11. Pajamas

What do you think of the list – did I leave anything important out? I used Tim Gunn’s wardobe essentials as a jumping off point and mixed in a lot of accessories. I think it works out to be a good variety and a hefty challenge, some pieces more than others.

I thought about assigning each item to a specific month but decided instead to keep it loose so that I can work on whatever inspires me. (So, no, I won’t be starting with the cocktail dress!)

Check back for weekly updates every Tuesday where I’ll document my successes, failures and all the steps I took in case you’re interested in following along.

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